When can I expect my Vacation Fund benefit?

There are two annual payments under the Plan: The December Payment and the Annual June Payment:

The December Payment will consist of 30% of the contributions received by the Fund in a Participant's name for the months of May through October of a plan year.  The December payment due to an eligible Participant will be payable after December 1, at a date selected by the Trustees.  (Usually the 10th of the month.)

The Annual June Payment will consist of the remaining contributions received by the Fund in a participant's name, which will consist of 70% of the contributions from May through October and 100% of the contributions from November through April.  The Annual June Payment will be payable after June 1, at a date seleced by the Trustees.  (Usually the 10th of the month.)

Can I take my vacation money out early?

Vacation benefits will not be paid early, except under special circumstances such as hardship. In the event of a hardship, a member may request and receive a hardship withdrawal from their vacation account at other than regular pay out times of December and June. A request for a hardship withdrawal may be made for any amount up to the full amount of a member's vacation fund balance.  The request must be in writing on a Hardship Vacation Request Form.

Where do I get a Hardship Vacation Request form?

Click HERE for a Hardship Vacation Request Form

When will my Hardship check be ready?

Payment of a hardship withdrawal will be made the Thursday afternoon following approval by the Business Manager. 

What is the required contribution to my vacation fund?

The required contribution is 10% for a journeyman, foreman, general foreman or superintendent.  Contributions for pre-apprentice and apprentice members range from 2%-10% depending on the number of hours completed in the program. 

Can I change my contribution to my vacation fund?

Yes.  You may change your vacation withholding once a year during the month of June only.  An additional 5% of hourly wages may be contributed. 

Where can I keep track of these deductions?

Contributions are deducted from the Employee's paycheck.  It is important for the Employee to keep their paycheck stubs to verify the Employer contributes to the fund on their behalf. You may watch your contributions grow on your Member Dashboard.